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Metalman lights the way



I didn’t accomplish very much this weekend but I can show you what Randy did! He made these two floorlamps for an interior designer in Nashville. Randy’s inspiration came from a picture of an French antique lamp. All the pieces of the lamp are handmade and forged except for the decorative leaves. After he assembled the lamps and wired them, he put an antique bronze finish on them. Now they just need some pretty parchment shades to finish them off! I kinda see them in a dark panelled library with a roaring fire. The lamp would be nestled beside a cozy worn leather chair. A great spot for getting lost in a book for the afternoon! Hope you had a great weekend! -Amy

Metalman strikes again



I wanted to show off some of Randy’s latest work. These are two small side tables he just finished. They are both hand-forged which is a process of heating the metal so it can be bent or hammered into place. He also put the finish on both pieces which is an antiqued bronze look. I think these turned out great and have a great old world feel to them. I will be posting more of Metalmans projects soon so stay tuned…same metal time, same metal channel…

Welcome to goodwill hunting!

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