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you say it’s your birthday

Ollie was invited to his first birthday party this weekend.   His friend from church, Sammie Jo, was turning 2!!  I wanted to get her something really special for her birthday and I thought about making a lot of different things-super hero cape, apron, appliqued t-shirt.  But, in the end, decided to make her a pillowcase dress.

I picked out a really fun Amy Butler fabric called Passion Lily and I already had the lining fabric which is a very small pink stripe.

I really just figured this out as I went along. There are tons of tutorials online for pillowcase dresses but, not many that show how to line one.   I couldn’t figure out how to do the casing with it being lined.  What’s a girl to do?  Call her mom!!  After I explained what  I was doing, she had the answer!

For those interested, as you sew the armholes together, just leave an opening at the top for the casing.  I was trying to make it a lot more complicated than that!

I really like the way it turned out!  She even wore it to church on Sunday and it looked so cute on her!! Wish I would have had my camera with me!

It was a pretty quick sewing project and was fun getting to make something for a little girl! Thanks Sammie Jo for letting me sew something girly for your 2nd birthday!! We both had fun at your party!!-amy

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fun on the fourth

We had a great 4th of July!  But, before any parties were attended I had some projects to finish.

I made these cupcakes for our cookout with Will and Kathleen.  Yes, I did take some liberties with the holiday colors!  I like turquoise and pink for the fourth!!  Randy said if I was President that would be my first act-change the nation’s colors to turquoise and pink!  And then redecorate the White House!

I also wanted to finish up these shorts for Ollie.  It’s kind of hard to tell but, there is a small paisley print in white on the chambray fabric.

I still need to add some cute buttons to the pockets.  Funny story, after we took these pictures I was putting Ollie in his swing and noticed he busted the seam on his shorts-his whole diaper was hanging out!  It was kind of funny!  So, we went back in and I sewed them again-this time with a smaller stitch, hopefully it will hold up to this wild man!!

After Will and Kathleen’s, we went over to  Ashley’s,  Randy’s sister.  There’s Ollie having a snack with his sweet cousin, Abby.

His other cousin, James cooling off with a drink while Randy tries to give Ollie some yummy potato salad.

Ollie with his color coordinated sippy cup!  That was just a coincidence-I’m not that kind of Mom!

It was a fun day and we were all exhausted when we got home around 10:30!!
Yeah, we are party animals!! Hope you had a good fourth as well! -amy

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this was no picnic

The other day at Goodwill I found these cute melamine cups.  After I found them, I told Wesley they would be perfect for a picnic.

So, we went to the basket aisle and lo and behold, there was a picnic basket waiting for us!  It’s a great size and I think maybe vintage.  But, the red gingham liner was not very cute.  I decided to make a new liner using the old one as a pattern.

I knew that I wanted to use a vintage sheet that I already had for the new liner.  It has turquoise in it to match the cups.

Sounds fairly simple, huh?  For whatever reason, it wasn’t.  One side of the liner would not lay right and the sides were a bit of a pain.  Finally, after working on this project all day, I got it looking halfway decent and finished it!

I did learn something new, though.  I have never actually stitched elastic on an edge of  anything before.  It’s not hard and I think it saved this project from going right back to Goodwill!  The elastic helped keep the outside part of the liner in place.

Now, I want to make a picnic blanket out of the leftover sheet to match the basket!  The projects never end!! Have a great fourth!! -amy

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clothing a crazed toddler-part 2

Okay, maybe he’s not crazed!!  But, definitely a handful!!  This is my second pair of shorts for little Ollie.  I was thinking the fabric combo was going to end up looking like he was wearing clown pants but, they ended up looking like board shorts-much better!

He’s in deep thought in this picture.  I don’t normally tuck in his shirt but, I wanted you to be able to see the waistband and pockets.

I went with a flat front for these shorts with elastic in the back only.  I think it looks a little less homemade this way.  I also used my pocket pattern from the first shorts but turned them the other way so they were wider.  I added the turquoise buttons just for a cute detail.  I think I am going to add buttons to the first shorts too.  It’s such an easy way to make them a little special.

Ollie wasn’t feeling too good in these pictures-the reason for the half smile!  Right now, I have one more pair of shorts in the works.  They are a blue chambray printed fabric with yellow pockets on the sides.  Better get to work, this boy can go through several outfits in a day!! Have a good one! -amy

this weekend

This weekend I did a little bit of sewing.  There are so many tutorials and cute images online for girls handmade clothes but, not  very many for boys.  However, I started with Anna Maria Horner’s quick change trousers pattern from her latest book, Handmade Beginnings.

I used the 12 months size and he still has some growing room.  I just shortened the pattern to make shorts. ( your probably saying, “duh, Amy”)  I also chose not to make them reversible so they would be cooler for the summer.   Then I  looked at a tutorial from Made that showed me how to do the pockets.  I didn’t use her pattern though, only because I’m too lazy to hook up my printer!  I just drew my own.

Sewing for kids is fun, because basically, they look cute in anything!!

Almost finished in this picture.  I still had to sew my top casing for the elastic and hem the legs.

I think he likes them!  I like that the patterns are super crazy and the brown stripe reminds me of the 70’s!  I really  like them paired with the orange tee.

I am definitely going to make some more!  This project would really only take about 30 minutes, if I had done it all at one time.  I’m thinking of other variations already-different fabric combos, different style pockets, but, same cute model! I hit the jackpot the other day at Goodwill and found a lot of great cotton fabric to use for future shorts.  Did you get to work on anything fun this weekend?  Do you have any favorite patterns for little boys?   Leave a comment and let me know! -amy


I wish I was more like Gidget

It’s that time of year.  Bathing suit season.  I wanted a cute one but, kind of a modest cut one with maybe a retro feel to it.

Like one of these from the movie, Gidget goes to Hawaii.  Love the v-neck, the buttons, and their tiny waists!

Or this one from Modcloth.  But, I couldn’t justify spending $90 on a bathing suit! But, I do like the blue and the polka dots.

So, I found this at the Goodwill for $3.99.  (Now, let me say this,  I’ve never bought a bathing suit at Goodwill but, I made sure this one was in good condition.  I also washed it in hot water when I got home.)

I liked everything about this suit except for the pearl and gold buttons! They made it seem a little less Gidget and a little more old lady! (It’s actually more of a navy blue in person.)

So, I found some new buttons at Walmart for $1.50.  I just snipped off the old buttons and sewed on my new ones.

Much better and more my style! And only spent $5.50.  Now, I just need a pool and maybe a cute coverup!  Have you done any refashion projects lately? Leave a comment and tell me about it! -amy


dining room is done

Yay! Finally got the dining room makeover project finished! Wanna take a look? First, let’s do a little recap of my original ideas.  I wanted a more modern vintage look for this room.  I also wanted to spend as little as possible because 1) I’m cheap and 2)it just makes it more fun this way and 3)you have to be a little more creative and open-minded.  So, here’s the before:

I had already moved the bench at this point to start painting. The walls were a cream color.  The table was a little rickety and always had to have a tablecloth on it-not good if you have a 14 month old ! There was also just too much dark wood in the room.

Here’s the after:

First, the walls got a fresh coat of white paint(leftover from other rooms). Here’s the breakdown for the rest of the room: The table was $24 at Goodwill.  The chairs were free from my friend, Sara.  I did buy white spray paint for them though-that was $20.  The fabric on the chairs was a clearance tablecloth from Target for $6.  The chandelier got a fresh coat of yellow paint for the price of 97 cents. The turquoise banding fabric on the curtains was 49 cents at Goodwill.  It just happened to be the perfect match for the chair fabric!  The black and white fabric was already in my fabric stash-yay, for hoarding!  We already had all the art,  it was just in other areas of the house.  I decided to do an art wall above the bench.  It really changed the feel of the room! The large blue pillow on the bench was $7 from Goodwill and it has a down insert!! So, total for makeover: $58.46!!  Not bad! And, if you’re wondering what Ollie does while I’m recovering chair seats, maybe this will answer your question.

Doesn’t he look happy that he figured out how to get in there? Getting out wasn’t as easy!! Would you like help with any of your problem rooms?  Send me an e-mail, I’ll try and help! -amy


Furniture facelift



I found this chair awhile back for $4.99 at Goodwill. It desperately needed a new look! I love all the chevron patterns that are out right now and decided on one by Heather Bailey. The old fabric was a pain to rip off but definitely worth the extra work. I pinned my fabric around the chair with the wrong side facing out. Then, I stitched it kind of like a slipcover. Last, I stapled the fabric under the seat and then put the arms back on. Voila. New chair!

Sew Happy!


So, I’ve seen some really cute vintage sewing machines on some other blogs and have been a lil jealous of them. I was thinking to myself how great it would be to find a turquoise vintage machine! It would be like my dream machine. Well, I  was in goodwill the other day, and lo and behold, that aqua beauty was just waiting for me to take her home! She makes me so happy! I think I’m gonna give her a name. Peggy? Mildred? Martha? I’m gonna have to give this some thought.                                        

Adventures with double knit polyester



My aunt Christy(I don’t actually call her aunt Christy,she’s only 5 years older than me) picked up  a lot of vintage fabric scraps at a thrift store for me. Most of the fabric is 70’s double knit polyester. I have seen quilts made out of this type of fabric before and they are always so cute and colorful. So, I have embarked on a twin sized quilting project. I was thinking it could be for Ollie’s big boy bed,when he gets one, it will probably take me that long to finish it! I finally have all my squares cut out and have started sewing the rows. I still haven’t decided what color fabric will go on the back or what I will bind it with. Oh,decisions,decisions…                                        

Welcome to goodwill hunting!

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