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let’s go camping

We went camping this weekend.  Brad and his two daughters, Eden and Ainsley and friend, Emily also went with us.  We took our sailboat too.  We were planning on motoring to one of the islands on the lake.  Then, after setting up the campsite, the older kids would get to go sailing with Randy and Brad.

After putting the mast up (this is no easy feat and requires at least 3 men to lift), hooking up cables, and unloading the boat into the water from the trailer, we loaded all of our stuff onto the boat.  Finally, everyone was loaded onto the boat and we were ready to start motoring.  Randy pulls the cord on the motor…doesn’t sound right.  Pulls again…definitely not working right.  At this point, Ollie has already had enough and is crying fairly loudly.  After a few more attempts of trying to start the motor, we decide to get back off and regroup.

We decide to go ahead and feed our starving children right there on the lawn of the launching area.  By this time, I think it was 2:00.  Fried chicken and potato salad put everyone in a much better mood.  After some deliberating we decide to just find a campground and just camp and ditch the whole sailing idea all together.


The campsite was awesome!  It was right on the lake with a picnic area and there were even bathrooms!! Yay!  We unloaded all of our gear and set up camp.

Of course, I had to bring some cute vintage sheets for our tent!

The amazing view from our campsite!! Look at those clouds-so pretty!

Kids having fun swimming and goofing off!!


Ollie is such an outdoor kid!! He loved all his daddy time, too!

Eden, Emily, and Wesley snacking it up!


Lots of great food was eaten-kebobs, watermelon, eggs-n-bacon, hobo sandwiches-yum!!


Ainsley fishing and Wesley looking like a fish!


No camping trip is complete without gooey s’mores!! I love those!!

It was a great trip!! Even being sticky and stinky for two days!!  Randy and I said before we went that we were gonna keep everything stress-free and keep calm in all situations!!  It makes it so much more fun that way!  We had some wonderful family time and relaxation!  Can’t wait to do it again!! What did you do this weekend?  Any adventures with your family?  -amy


down by the creekbank

It has been incredibly hot here this week-100,101!!  So, we’ve found one way to do something fun and stay cool at the same time.

Creekin.  Never heard of this term?  Yeah, me neither until a couple of weeks ago when my friend, Cheryl asked me to go muling and creekin’.  I thought that sounded like fun but, I wasn’t sure about putting lil’ Ollie on a donkey!  But, hey, we were gonna give it a try!!  Silly Amy, it turns out muling is riding an ATV that is called a mule down to the creek-that sounds better than riding a mule!!  It was kinda funny!

Anyway, we’ve been hanging out at our creek on the farm.  Looking at all the rocks, throwing sticks for Lacey, enjoying the shade and cool water that the creek has to offer on such hot days!!

How are you staying cool these days? Would love to hear how you’re spending  your hot summer days! -amy

I will survive

Here is the finished vacation bible school backdrop!  I’m not sure why this pic came out so fuzzy. ! It’s a little homemade looking but that’s okay! We have three more days left of VBS and I’m trying to keep up!  We have 9 preschoolers in a room thats about 8 ft by 8ft!  Never a dull moment, to say the least.  Tonight, we took turns washing each other’s feet to show love to one another.  I wasn’t sure if they would like it or not but, they really got into it!  They didn’t even make a mess with the water or anything! It was really sweet!

During the day, Ollie and I have had fun playing in his tiny little pool that we got him this weekend.  It’s the perfect size for him and was only $4.99 at Target! Yay!

Of course, it’s plastic and shaped like a whale! Not exactly attractive, but, fun ,nonetheless.

Here’s Ollie topping it off with a little more water!  It’s only about 2 inches deep! Perfect for splashing around.

Then, it’s time to get out! Don’t want to get a swimmer’s cramp! Hope your week is going swimmingly-sorry, I couldn’t resist! -amy

paint the town blue

It’s Vacation Bible School time in our neck of the woods!  Every year it has a different theme.  This year’s theme is Big Apple Adventure.  So, we’re headed to New York City to learn more about Jesus and how we can connect with Him through faith, hope, trust and love.

We have been working on this at our house.

Randy had already done a great job jigsawing out the pieces and screwing everything together.  Then he brought it home for us to paint.  We were just getting started in this picture.  I drew on it with chalk first and then painted over it.


Wesley helped with this project.  He is very creative and always has good suggestions.  He also helps me keep track of Ollie and helps keep him out of the paint! This is one of those projects that I could spend weeks on-thinking of little details to add and tweaking things here and there!  But, I just had a few days to work on this so, check back tomorrow to see the completed backdrop in place and ready for VBS! Let me know what you were up to this weekend? I’d love to hear from you! -amy

I thought I married a caveman

This weekend,  a group  from our church went caving.  I had already decided that I was waaay to claustrophobic to be in a cave and someone had to watch Ollie anyway.  What I didn’t expect was for Randy to feel the same way.

I mean, Randy is Mr. Adventure, not afraid of heights and is strong as an ox!  I mean that in the most loving way possible!  He has rock climbed, he is a blacksmith, a cowboy, and a farmer!  He’s broken bones, been bucked off a horse, more than once, and caught himself on fire!  But, he said that he got in there and the air pressure changed and he knew that he needed to get out!  Even though, he has referred to himself as a modern day caveman, I don’t think that really applies now! Savage, yes. Caveman, no.  It was kinda humorous.

cool bench at the campground

So, he decided to hang out with me and Ollie and play in the sunshine.


But, the kids did have a good time!  Stories of bats and rats and other scary creatures were swirling around as they all came back from their adventure.  Wesley went in the cave and said it was pretty cool.  He’s a man of  few words.

Bucky, our fearless leader, did a great job coordinating everything and leading a great devotion afterward.   It was perfect weather for a Saturday field trip with some great people!  Hope your weekend was adventurous as well!! -amy

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