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I wish I was more like Gidget

It’s that time of year.  Bathing suit season.  I wanted a cute one but, kind of a modest cut one with maybe a retro feel to it.

Like one of these from the movie, Gidget goes to Hawaii.  Love the v-neck, the buttons, and their tiny waists!

Or this one from Modcloth.  But, I couldn’t justify spending $90 on a bathing suit! But, I do like the blue and the polka dots.

So, I found this at the Goodwill for $3.99.  (Now, let me say this,  I’ve never bought a bathing suit at Goodwill but, I made sure this one was in good condition.  I also washed it in hot water when I got home.)

I liked everything about this suit except for the pearl and gold buttons! They made it seem a little less Gidget and a little more old lady! (It’s actually more of a navy blue in person.)

So, I found some new buttons at Walmart for $1.50.  I just snipped off the old buttons and sewed on my new ones.

Much better and more my style! And only spent $5.50.  Now, I just need a pool and maybe a cute coverup!  Have you done any refashion projects lately? Leave a comment and tell me about it! -amy



look what I found

This past Saturday was half-off day at Goodwill.  I usually skip this sale because it is sooo crowded in there!! But, we were driving right by there on the way back from Boy Scouts so, we stopped.  I was right, the place was jam packed.

I headed straight for the furniture area and saw something interesting out of the corner of my eye.  Is it a vintage play kitchen?  Is it exactly the type of vintage play kitchen that I’ve visualized in my head but had not found yet?  Yes, I think it is!!  Ok, but how much is it?  Ooooh, $39.99-that’s a little steep for me…but, wait, it’s half-off day, remember? 20 Bucks!! I can do 20 bucks!!  SOLD!  We loaded that baby in the cart and were off to the register!!

I love it and Ollie does too!! He finally has a place for his vintage play food that I also found at Goodwill awhile back! I need to make him a little apron or chef’s hat! That would be too cute!!

Unfortunately, Ollie was unavailable for photos when I took these! But, he loves opening and closing the doors! Hopefully, this will keep him out of my kitchen cabinets-but, probably not!

I thought he needed some accessories for his kitchen too.  I’ve had that clock in storage for awhile.  It’s one of those pieces that is so silly but, it makes me smile every time I look at it! I mean, it’s a gray-haired man wearing a vest selling flowers AND it tells the time-what more could you ask for? Well, it would tell time if I put a battery in the back!

Is it wrong that I love this kitchen as much as Ollie? I loved playing school and restaurant when I was a little girl and would’ve loved to have had my own kitchen!! Me and my sister used to make our play food out of construction paper!! Oh, and we had to walk 5 miles in the snow to school too-uphill both ways!! Have you found any great deals lately? Let’s hear about them! Hope you’re having a great imaginative type of day!! -amy

free finds, a new friend, and great food

Here’s a few great things that happened this week! My friend, Sara, from church, saw my dining room makeover post on facebook last week.  She commented that she might have some chairs that I might want that her landlord was getting rid of!  I was soooo excited-FREE Chairs!!!  I hope I didn’t scare her too much with my enthusiasm!

I love the chairs, they are vintage 1948 Sears and Roebuck.  They are gonna get a fresh coat of paint, as soon as the sun comes back out in TN.  Thanks again, Sara!!

Meet my new BFF!  And another great find from this week! A vintage dressform that I found at Goodwill.  Wesley and I named her Gladys and she was a whopping $4.99!!  She’s missing her  stand but, Randy is gonna make me one-Yay! I think I am also going to cover her in muslin-somehow.  Still need to figure out how to do that!

This is what we had for dinner one night this week!! Randy raised the chicken at the farm AND  made this delicious fried chicken himself!!  (Just a side note, these chickens are not our “laying hens”, these were specifically raised for food) It was the best I’ve ever had!! Yum! Hope your weekend is full of great things! -amy

dining room makeover

I am currently working on my dining room.

the "before" shot/about to start painting shot

I use the term dining room very loosely as it is:  a)not very large and open to the rest of our tiny house,  b)our laundry “closet” is in this room as well and c)it also serves as our entry way and crafting/creative space.  That’s really too much responsibility for such a small space but like Tim Gunn says on Project Runway,”make it work”.  I thought I would let you see how I go about putting a room together from space planning to furniture shopping to the end result.  First, let me say this, there is no “budget” for this room, meaning, I’d like to spend maybe $30 bucks on a set of four chairs! Other than that, I need to get creative! I want a cleaner, vintage look.  So, this is my plan, I already purchased a new vintage table from Goodwill a couple of weeks ago.  It is a round laminate topped table with cool chrome base.  It was only a $24.00 investment!

Our new to us table

We all like the table and it’s nice not to have to use a tablecloth everyday!(or watch your 1 year old attempt the tablecloth trick everday!) I am currently using some wicker parsons chairs that I previously had outside.  I am not loving these so, I am on the hunt for some cool high backed 70’s wood and cane backed chairs that I can paint a glossy bright white! I think the contrast with the table will be great.  I am also wanting a desk type/console piece in there.   A spot where I can set up my sewing machine and layout various projects that I’m working on.  The desk in the living room is now the computer desk so, my sewing machine got the boot.  I am thinking a cheap table covered in a tailored slipcover might do the trick and I could hide things under the tablecloth-Bonus!  Ok, so what do you think of my plans? Do you like it or do you think I’ve totally lost my mind? I’ll be keeping you posted on my progress! Wish me luck goodwill hunting! -amy

Goodwill finding



I realized that I haven’t shown anything that I’ve gotten from goodwill lately. So, here are a couple of projects that I will be working on this week.
First up, I finally found a small chest for my side of the bed. The dimensions are perfect. The paint job and knobs-not so much! It will get a new look very soon! Next, is this cute rabbit hook and mirror. I’ve actually looked at this for awhile and finally decided to adopt it and bring it home with me. It will get a makeover as well and will be cute for Ollie’s hats and stuff. Hope you had a great weekend, I better go and get started on my projects.-Amy

Our weekend

goodwill hunting shop

Happy Monday to you! Hope you had a great weekend.  We were pretty busy around here.  We worked in our vegetable garden on Saturday.

The weather was just perfect and practically zero humidity!! We weeded our raised beds and planted grape tomatoes and cucumbers in the bed with the iron head and foot board for them to climb on.  In the other beds, we planted peppers, zucchini, sweet potatoes, eggplant, and lettuce.  Hopefully, it will be pretty again next weekend so we can till and plant our row crops!  Ollie was a good helper in the garden!  He got sooo dirty! And he may or may not have eaten a lil’ bit of dirt!  Oops!  Oh, and I also had time to add some pieces to my etsy shop ,too. I hope you see something you like! (Click on the link to get to the stuff!)-amy

Bright and White

I thought I would give you an update on the living room project.  You can see the before here.  I still have a little painting to do but, here are some pics of the space now.

Randy made our couch (he’s a blacksmith, in case you’re new around here).  I covered the cushion with a dropcloth from Lowe’s.  It’s held up really well through multiple washings and bleaching.  I also made the patchwork pillows and the polka dot pillow.  The yellow pillow is from Target last year.  The enormous painting is called “Big” and the artist is Meredith Pardue, a good friend of Randy’s.  It really needs to be moved up about 6″ but it is sooo heavy!  That’s as high as I could hang it by myself!

This is the other side of the room, opposite the couch.  I found the chair at Goodwill for 4.99 and reupholstered it.  My mom and I just made the flag garland while she was visiting.  The lamp, also found at Goodwill was 2.99, and the shade is from Target.  The turquoise chest was actually free from a friend at church.  It was originally brown, of course I painted it turquoise!

Randy made this cute giraffe for Ollie as a Christmas present.  Our living room is part playroom and craft room also!

This is Ollie’s toy cart.  It was originally black and 4.99 at Goodwill.  Are you seeing a pattern?  And three cans of spray paint later, it’s yellow!  All the storage bins are from Target.

This is opposite the window.  I have to say this area is never this neat and tidy.  I usually have the sewing machine set up on the desk with fabric and sewing stuff everywhere.  The white cabinet was originally hanging in the bathroom, but I really needed storage out here more.  Still can’t decide if I want to paint the cabinet or just leave it with it’s chippy paint.  The office chair, that I recovered in two different fabrics, was 2.99 at Goodwill.  It was originally from a local hospital.  I just found the floral painting at, you guessed it, for 1.99.  The yellow and black tile was from an art fair 10 years ago.  It says “magic circles” under the spinning girl. The artist is Asia Wallace.  So, that’s our living room, on a good day, just picture it with toys everywhere and that’s more like reality! Thanks for stopping by! -amy

Welcome to goodwill hunting!

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