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Okay, my name is Amy and I am a turquoise-a-holic.  There,  I admitted it,  I feel so much better now!  Well, apparently I’m not the only turquoise-loving freak out there!  I found this awesome blog called House of Turquoise.  This site has so much eye candy you’ll probably get a sugar high!  Erin, your turquoise loving hostess takes you on a virtual tour of gorgeous turquoise rooms found all over the web and the world.  Photo after photo of beautiful rooms to inspire and dream about and drool over!  Take a look for yourself:

These are just a handful of awesome images that were in the turquoise and orange category.  Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Great, Amy, but what does this have to do with you?”  Well, I’m glad you asked!  I was looking for some inspiration for my dining room project.  Yeah, I haven’t forgotten about it-I’m sitting about 6 ft from it right now as I type this!  This is the problem, I have too much furniture in the space! But, if I make Randy take one more piece of furniture to the barn to “store” for later use, I think he’s gonna send me to the barn for “storage”!  Yikes!  So, I am at an impasse.

I did find this fun tablecloth at Target  that I’m going to recover my chair seats with-that’s some progress!!  I really love the geometric print and for only $6 bucks it’s quite a bit of yardage!  I guess I should get crackin on those instead of staring at these pretty images all day!-amy

*first four images courtesy of  House of Turquoise

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