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you say it’s your birthday

Ollie was invited to his first birthday party this weekend.   His friend from church, Sammie Jo, was turning 2!!  I wanted to get her something really special for her birthday and I thought about making a lot of different things-super hero cape, apron, appliqued t-shirt.  But, in the end, decided to make her a pillowcase dress.

I picked out a really fun Amy Butler fabric called Passion Lily and I already had the lining fabric which is a very small pink stripe.

I really just figured this out as I went along. There are tons of tutorials online for pillowcase dresses but, not many that show how to line one.   I couldn’t figure out how to do the casing with it being lined.  What’s a girl to do?  Call her mom!!  After I explained what  I was doing, she had the answer!

For those interested, as you sew the armholes together, just leave an opening at the top for the casing.  I was trying to make it a lot more complicated than that!

I really like the way it turned out!  She even wore it to church on Sunday and it looked so cute on her!! Wish I would have had my camera with me!

It was a pretty quick sewing project and was fun getting to make something for a little girl! Thanks Sammie Jo for letting me sew something girly for your 2nd birthday!! We both had fun at your party!!-amy

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fun on the fourth

We had a great 4th of July!  But, before any parties were attended I had some projects to finish.

I made these cupcakes for our cookout with Will and Kathleen.  Yes, I did take some liberties with the holiday colors!  I like turquoise and pink for the fourth!!  Randy said if I was President that would be my first act-change the nation’s colors to turquoise and pink!  And then redecorate the White House!

I also wanted to finish up these shorts for Ollie.  It’s kind of hard to tell but, there is a small paisley print in white on the chambray fabric.

I still need to add some cute buttons to the pockets.  Funny story, after we took these pictures I was putting Ollie in his swing and noticed he busted the seam on his shorts-his whole diaper was hanging out!  It was kind of funny!  So, we went back in and I sewed them again-this time with a smaller stitch, hopefully it will hold up to this wild man!!

After Will and Kathleen’s, we went over to  Ashley’s,  Randy’s sister.  There’s Ollie having a snack with his sweet cousin, Abby.

His other cousin, James cooling off with a drink while Randy tries to give Ollie some yummy potato salad.

Ollie with his color coordinated sippy cup!  That was just a coincidence-I’m not that kind of Mom!

It was a fun day and we were all exhausted when we got home around 10:30!!
Yeah, we are party animals!! Hope you had a good fourth as well! -amy

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this weekend

This weekend I did a little bit of sewing.  There are so many tutorials and cute images online for girls handmade clothes but, not  very many for boys.  However, I started with Anna Maria Horner’s quick change trousers pattern from her latest book, Handmade Beginnings.

I used the 12 months size and he still has some growing room.  I just shortened the pattern to make shorts. ( your probably saying, “duh, Amy”)  I also chose not to make them reversible so they would be cooler for the summer.   Then I  looked at a tutorial from Made that showed me how to do the pockets.  I didn’t use her pattern though, only because I’m too lazy to hook up my printer!  I just drew my own.

Sewing for kids is fun, because basically, they look cute in anything!!

Almost finished in this picture.  I still had to sew my top casing for the elastic and hem the legs.

I think he likes them!  I like that the patterns are super crazy and the brown stripe reminds me of the 70’s!  I really  like them paired with the orange tee.

I am definitely going to make some more!  This project would really only take about 30 minutes, if I had done it all at one time.  I’m thinking of other variations already-different fabric combos, different style pockets, but, same cute model! I hit the jackpot the other day at Goodwill and found a lot of great cotton fabric to use for future shorts.  Did you get to work on anything fun this weekend?  Do you have any favorite patterns for little boys?   Leave a comment and let me know! -amy


Sew Happy!


So, I’ve seen some really cute vintage sewing machines on some other blogs and have been a lil jealous of them. I was thinking to myself how great it would be to find a turquoise vintage machine! It would be like my dream machine. Well, I  was in goodwill the other day, and lo and behold, that aqua beauty was just waiting for me to take her home! She makes me so happy! I think I’m gonna give her a name. Peggy? Mildred? Martha? I’m gonna have to give this some thought.                                        

Adventures with double knit polyester



My aunt Christy(I don’t actually call her aunt Christy,she’s only 5 years older than me) picked up  a lot of vintage fabric scraps at a thrift store for me. Most of the fabric is 70’s double knit polyester. I have seen quilts made out of this type of fabric before and they are always so cute and colorful. So, I have embarked on a twin sized quilting project. I was thinking it could be for Ollie’s big boy bed,when he gets one, it will probably take me that long to finish it! I finally have all my squares cut out and have started sewing the rows. I still haven’t decided what color fabric will go on the back or what I will bind it with. Oh,decisions,decisions…                                        

Artsy aprons



I’ve been working on some aprons that will go in the goodwill hunting etsy shop. These aprons are made from vintage pillowcases then I add fun new fabric for the pocket and embroidery. I have been wearing mine around the house and it makes me feel so much more productive! I mean, if I’m gonna be a domestic goddess, I might as well dress like one! I think they would be great for gardening, milking goats(in my case), or  any type of art project. I’m also making two for my nieces as a lil gift when they come to visit next month. Hopefully they will enjoy them! Have a great weekend! See you Monday -Amy

Bag lady



This project also came from the much needed cleaning of the laundry room. I had all these plastic bags. Now, I know its not cool to have plastic bags these days. I try my best to remember my reusable bags but they never seem to make it into the store! I even keep them in the car. I promise I will do better! But if it makes you feel better I do reuse the plastic bags as trash bags,I don’t just throw them away. Anyway, I made this little fabric bag to house them. I know you can buy them but they are usually pretty ugly and like have cows on them or ducks with bows around their necks! Obviously, I like mixing it up when it comes to fabric. I also enjoy throwing in a lil ric rac and crocheted trim to “granny chic” it up a bit. That’s what my style is called,just to clarify. Hope you’re having a great week so far! See you again on Friday!

Ironing day



After I organized my laundry room, I decided that my little ironing board needed a facelift as well. I had two vintage pillowcases that I thought complimented each other. I took the old ironing board cover off and used that as my pattern. I also reused the drawstring from the old cover. After cutting my pieces out, I sewed them together and also pressed all edges 1/2″ to the wrong side. Then, I stitched it down leaving a small opening for the drawstring. I fed the drawstring through using a safety pin attached to one end. The only time I really iron is when I am working on a sewing project so, now its a much happier little assistant with its new yellow outfit!

Growing like a weed





I was inspired by this link that
my friend, Lori sent me . She showed how to alter her little girls clothing as she grew out of them into something cute that she could still wear. I had just pulled a bunch of clothes that Ollie outgrew out of his closet. I looked through them to see if anything could be salvaged. This is what I came up with. A yellow onesie that was too small and also a long sleeve red tee. I cut the bottom off the onesie first. I then cut the bottom portion and the sleeves off the red tee. I sewed those pieces onto the yellow tee to extend its length and make it look layered. I did the same technique with the orange tee and striped long sleeve tee. I think they look cuter now than they did originally! I’ve got my eye on a pair of overalls now…gotta go sew some more…amy

Sew simple




I saw this great idea on the Soulemama blog. I wash dishes by hand everyday and there was always water all over the counter while the dishes were drying. But, not anymore thanks to this clever and easy sewing project. I used turquoise terry cloth on one side and a remnant of some cute Heather Bailey fabric on the top. I sewed right sides together leaving a small opening. Then turned it right side out and topstitched. I have already enjoyed this simple but practical addition to my kitchen. Plus I get to look at some cute fabric while I do the dishes!

Welcome to goodwill hunting!

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