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we grew all these veggies, now what?

When people find out that we have a garden, usually the next question is, “how do you cook ________(insert name of  any garden vegetable here)?”.  It can be a little overwhelming at first but, can be fun too!  If you think of cooking as another creative outlet instead of a chore, it becomes fun!  Especially if the outcome tastes really good!!   And  with the help of the internet and Rachael Ray this isn’t too hard!

On a side note, I got a little obsessed with Rachael Ray last year after having Ollie.  I had two of her cookbooks at the time (it was before we got internet-crazy, I know).  The Express Lane Meals and Just In Time cookbooks.  I cooked about thirty different recipes from these two books.  All good.  Sometimes I look at a recipe and think, this is not going to be good-the combination is too strange!  But, they always end up being really good!! And the flavors are awesome-seriously, the woman knows what she’s doing!!

Back to vegetables and recipes…I just made these eggplant rollups last night and they were delicious and super easy!  Even Ollie liked the eggplant!!  And it’s budget friendly, too!!

I made this pasta using some fresh cabbage that a neighbor gave us-very strange combo of potatoes, cabbage, and pasta-but, oh my goodness! So yummy!  This would also be great in the winter-can you say, comfort food!

"Cabbage and Hay" Spaghetti

If you have fresh basil or fresh peas, this peasto recipe is something I make at least once a week! It uses whole wheat pasta which adds to the nutty flavor!!  It’s wonderful and Randy really loves it!

Spring Pea-sto with Whole Wheat Penne

So, there you have it, 3 great recipes that use your fresh veggies from your garden! Now, go have fun and cook something yummy!!  Your stomach and your family will thank you for it!-amy

*third and fourth photos courtesy of Rachael

eggs coming out of our ears

We have chickens. They are crazy ladies that lay an enormous amount of eggs.  We are thankful for that! But, sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to consume 4-6 dozen eggs at a time! This is what Randy brought home the other night from the farm.

Wow!! That’s a lot of eggs!! And we already had 3 dozen in the fridge! Funny little side story…Randy came in with that basket, which I had never seen before.  I said, “honey, where’d you get that cute basket?”  He said, “oh, it was in the garbage pile at the job site and I took it to the farm and washed it with some bleach water and now it’s my egg basket!”  Ok, maybe you have to know Randy to think this is funny but, only Randy would save a little basket from the garbage pile, then take the time to wash it with bleach to use for collecting his eggs!!  It cracked me up! What other man would do that?

Anyway, needless to say, we’ve been eating a lot of eggs! Boiled eggs on salad, egg salad, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, quiche(we had that last night-YUM!).  I’m running out of ideas.  Do you have any suggestions for other egg recipes?  Leave me a comment, c’mon help a girl out…6 dozen eggs, people!! -amy

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