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paint the town blue

It’s Vacation Bible School time in our neck of the woods!  Every year it has a different theme.  This year’s theme is Big Apple Adventure.  So, we’re headed to New York City to learn more about Jesus and how we can connect with Him through faith, hope, trust and love.

We have been working on this at our house.

Randy had already done a great job jigsawing out the pieces and screwing everything together.  Then he brought it home for us to paint.  We were just getting started in this picture.  I drew on it with chalk first and then painted over it.


Wesley helped with this project.  He is very creative and always has good suggestions.  He also helps me keep track of Ollie and helps keep him out of the paint! This is one of those projects that I could spend weeks on-thinking of little details to add and tweaking things here and there!  But, I just had a few days to work on this so, check back tomorrow to see the completed backdrop in place and ready for VBS! Let me know what you were up to this weekend? I’d love to hear from you! -amy

Welcome to goodwill hunting!

Hey, I'm Amy! So glad you stopped by! Follow me as I thrift, decorate, sew, cook, and garden-all while spending as little money as I can! We'll have fun-you'll see!

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