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down by the creekbank

It has been incredibly hot here this week-100,101!!  So, we’ve found one way to do something fun and stay cool at the same time.

Creekin.  Never heard of this term?  Yeah, me neither until a couple of weeks ago when my friend, Cheryl asked me to go muling and creekin’.  I thought that sounded like fun but, I wasn’t sure about putting lil’ Ollie on a donkey!  But, hey, we were gonna give it a try!!  Silly Amy, it turns out muling is riding an ATV that is called a mule down to the creek-that sounds better than riding a mule!!  It was kinda funny!

Anyway, we’ve been hanging out at our creek on the farm.  Looking at all the rocks, throwing sticks for Lacey, enjoying the shade and cool water that the creek has to offer on such hot days!!

How are you staying cool these days? Would love to hear how you’re spending  your hot summer days! -amy

our very own farmer’s market

Gardens are crazy!! One day you might not harvest anything while on another day you get 8 yellow squash!! That’s a lot of squash, folks!  We’ve been enjoying fresh lettuce, eggplant, cucumbers, basil, green peppers, jalapeno peppers, and zucchini also.  Still waiting on our tomatoes to turn red and cantaloupe to get a little bigger.

Gardening with a one year old is interesting.  There’s a lot of  “don’t put that rock in your mouth” and “did he just eat a squash bug?” type conversation.  Not exactly relaxing but, definitely entertaining.  He does love helping though and it does wear him out!!

Yeah, that’s me! One sweaty mama with a baby on my hip and a basket full of goodies!!  Ahhh, life in the country is good! How about you? Any gardening this year? Would love about it! -amy

what our farm animals have taught us

Since the weather has been so nice, we’ve been spending a lot more time at the farm.

We have a yellow lab named Lacey.  She stays and guards the farm when we’re not there.  But, when we are there, all she wants to do is fetch a stick.

I have never seen a dog more into fetching than her.  She would do it all day without even taking a water break if we let her.  She’s kinda crazy like that.  She’s even been taking the stick to Ollie, thinking he’ll throw it for her!

Ollie does love watching her go get and bring it back though.  He thinks it’s sooo funny and just laughs and laughs.

That’s what is cool about animals, they’re simple.  You give them water, food, and a little attention and they are happy!

No drama, no yelling, no trying to outdo each other.  If everything in our life made us as happy as Lacey is when she’s fetching her stick, we wouldn’t have any complaints!

It’s a good reminder to try and keep life simple.  Cherish the little things that happen everyday. Hope you have a great Wednesday! -amy

raise the roof

This weekend was very exciting!!  Not only did I have a great Mother’s Day but, we got started back on our “little house” project.  In case you don’t know, we have a farm but, right now are renting a house about 5 miles from there.  While we are waiting to start on our dream house at the farm, we decided to build a “little house”.  A very small 2-story structure attached to one of our barns, which is also Randy’s shop.

Anyway, back to the exciting part…our house now has a roof!!  Randy worked really hard this weekend climbing up and down a very tall ladder to make this happen!  Never in my life have I been so excited about a roof!  But, now, this means we can start on other things, like windows and doors, that needed to be dry and covered from the elements.  Of course, I have very little patience, I just want to be out there already! But, I am trying to celebrate all the little steps along the way.  Everyone pitched in to help.  Wesley helped moved wood out of the little house to be put on the roof before the tin went on.  Ollie was named Supervisor of the project and kept everyone on schedule!  I, of course was supervising the supervisor from putting rocks in his mouth!  Hope you had a great weekend too!!  Stay tuned for more little house updates. -amy

Our farm animals





Just a few snapshots of some of our animals at the farm. Goats and chickens and dogs. Oh my!

Welcome to goodwill hunting!

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