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with a little help from my friends

Some of you may have noticed that I have a new button in my sidebar on the right.  It is for Charity: Water, an organization that provides clean and safe drinking water to those in need by building wells in their villages. After looking at their website, I learned that usually it’s the kids or mothers  that have to go in search of water for their family.  Some have to walk  many miles to find it. And unfortunately, when they do find some, it is dirty and full of bacteria and other harmful things.  This also keeps the children from attending school and the mothers from taking care of their family.  They said that “90% of the 42,000 deaths a week that are from unsafe drinking water are children under 5 years old”.  Their little bodies aren’t equipped to handle all the bacteria from the dirty water. Can you imagine sending your child on a walk for water,  alone?  Think of all the dangerous situations these children come into- it’s very scary!  Can you also imagine your child asking for something to drink and all you have to give them is a glass full of brown water or, worse, nothing at all!  It breaks my heart! But, there is a way we can help! This is where you come in!  And it’s absolutely FREE!  You just click on that Charity Water button on my sidebar.  It will direct you to complete an activity.  Sometimes, you just watch a short commercial or vote on something.  Very simple.  Then, if you share it on Facebook you can earn extra points.  All these points add up to equal gallons of water going to Charity Water.  It feels good knowing there’s a way to help people even if you’re not able to give monetarily right now. Also, in my Etsy shop, half of my sales of my handmade items are going to this charity.  You can find these bracelets there now and I will be listing more later this week.  They are $8.00 with $4.00 going to Charity: Water. (Just a side note, I am not getting paid to talk about this charity and I will not receive any type of kickback for having the charity:water button on my blog.  This is simply a personal choice to support them.) Thanks so much for reading this, I hope you can help out and help change people’s  lives forever! -amy

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