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this was no picnic

The other day at Goodwill I found these cute melamine cups.  After I found them, I told Wesley they would be perfect for a picnic.

So, we went to the basket aisle and lo and behold, there was a picnic basket waiting for us!  It’s a great size and I think maybe vintage.  But, the red gingham liner was not very cute.  I decided to make a new liner using the old one as a pattern.

I knew that I wanted to use a vintage sheet that I already had for the new liner.  It has turquoise in it to match the cups.

Sounds fairly simple, huh?  For whatever reason, it wasn’t.  One side of the liner would not lay right and the sides were a bit of a pain.  Finally, after working on this project all day, I got it looking halfway decent and finished it!

I did learn something new, though.  I have never actually stitched elastic on an edge of  anything before.  It’s not hard and I think it saved this project from going right back to Goodwill!  The elastic helped keep the outside part of the liner in place.

Now, I want to make a picnic blanket out of the leftover sheet to match the basket!  The projects never end!! Have a great fourth!! -amy

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for the love of turquoise

I’ve been at it again!  Stretching the limits of my bottomless turquoise paint can!  I just can’t help myself, the color is just so awesome!  I’ve been looking for more organizational ideas and that’s where this little elephant hook comes in.

Do you remember when they sold these at Pier One? I bet it was like 15 years ago!  Anyway, this one was at Goodwill for $1.99.  I thought I could breathe some new life into this little guy with some paint.

I hung it just inside our door on the side of the cabinets.  Hopefully this will keep stuff from accumulating on the counter top!

Next up, is this cute little owl bookend.  It started out very brown and a little boring.

Now, he’s happily holding up Ollie’s books on top of his armoire.  I am on to a new turquoise paint project now but, more on that later! Are you obsessed with any particular paint color like I am? Would love to hear from you about your painting projects! Happy Wednesday to you! -amy

What’s behind door #1?



That is a very embarrassing before pic of our laundry “closet”. It was totally out of control! I pretty much just shoved anything that didn’t have a home in there and closed the doors quickly. The real reason I even tackled this project is because Ollie can open the bifold doors now and I couldn’t stand looking at all that junk! It’s amazing how much stuff was in there that we don’t even need! I moved all six cans of paint out as well as the oil lamps(who are we, the Ingalls?). After wiping everything down and vacuuming, I decided to give the shelf a quick coat of paint. It deserved it after all! I am really hoping I can keep it this clean! It is so much nicer to open up the doors now to do laundry!

Welcome to goodwill hunting!

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